Chemex Ottomatic Reviews

chemex ottomatic reviews

If you’re a coffee lover, a Chemex Ottomatic may be the ideal machine for you. With its sediment-free pourover brewing system, this device streamlines the process and keeps your coffee warm on the hotplate. Its special sprayhead feature wets the grounds with hot water during brewing to promote even extraction and deep flavors. And when it’s time to take your coffee for a walk, it’s easy to grab a cup of this machine and go.

While the classic Chemex requires the user to pour water into the brewer, the Ottomatic takes that process a step further by making it easy to clean. Instead of cleaning the cup by hand, you can simply rinse it in water and use a bottle brush to scrub the insides. Because the glass is dishwasher-safe, you can use this coffee maker for both hot and iced drinks.

For those who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a Chemex, an Ottomatic is an ideal choice. The machine’s built-in heater helps the coffee to brew without losing its hot water. With it, you can prepare a cup of coffee in no time at all. It’s also easy to store and transport. And it also holds coffee perfectly. A Chemex Ottomatic can be used with an Ottomatic or a regular drip coffee maker.

If you’re concerned about the size of your coffee filter, you can get one separately. You can buy a stainless-steel filter and use it to measure the amount of coffee. There are also several sizes of the filters and a single cup is equivalent to about 5 ounces of coffee. However, the standard size for a Chemex brewing process is 10 ounces, which means you can use any of the standard Chemex filter with it.