How Much Does an ELD Device Cost?

how much does an eld device cost

Buying an eld device can be quite an expensive process. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to get the best deal. Here are some of them:


Originally created as a distance tracker for fuel tax calculations, the EROAD fleet management solution now offers a variety of back-office capabilities. The solution is designed to help transportation companies maintain compliance with laws related to hours of service, fuel tax, and safety.

The EROAD system is made up of an electronic distance recorder, a services portal, and an application server. These components connect to each other to produce real-time data synchronization. This allows drivers and managers to record vehicle activities and location. In addition, EROAD also provides a variety of reporting features for tax and audit purposes.

EROAD is an all-in-one system that helps boost the productivity of light vehicle fleets. It is a cloud-based solution that provides conveniences and features not found in other systems. The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.

The software also features tools for real-time notifications and log editing. In addition, EROAD offers training videos to help drivers learn how to use the system. It also has an “Inspect” system, which helps drivers track reported defects through the repair process.

The software offers a variety of plans, which range from $35 to $60 a month. In addition to the basic fleet management tools, each plan also includes a hardware warranty and tech support.

EROAD is also a payment platform, which allows businesses to integrate with third-party providers. The system also supports vehicle service records and provides an option to upload logs and other data to a secure website. This secure website offers access to information about a vehicle’s activity, including the hours it has driven.

EROAD provides a suite of driver safety tools, including an electronic logging device, which ensures compliance with ELD mandate. This ELD is designed to ensure that drivers maintain accurate logs. It also includes the Smart Short Haul feature, which automatically figures out when drivers exceed short-haul exemption limits.

Besides being an efficient system, EROAD also offers exceptional customer service. The company has a toll-free telephone line and chat feature to help drivers. In addition, customers can get help via email.

EROAD is an all-in-one solution that helps businesses save time and money. With features like the electronic logging device, drivers can stay productive and maintain Hours of Service. In addition, the software helps to speed payroll, track vehicle maintenance, and manage fuel consumption.


Whether you are looking for an ELD for your fleet or for personal use, you will be pleased to know that the Garmin eLog device is a cost-effective option. The device is designed to make truck drivers more productive, increase fleet revenue, and improve overall performance. The device is also a cost-effective solution for small fleets.

The Garmin ELD device is compatible with many different truck types. For example, it works well with Volvo trucks and can be installed in both 6-pin and 9-pin diagnostic ports.

The Garmin ELD device is simple to set up and use. It can be easily downloaded from the company’s website, and it comes with an application that allows you to view your records.

The device also features Bluetooth connectivity, so you can connect to it while you are driving. However, you will need to make sure that your tablet has GPS and Bluetooth capabilities. If you don’t, you will not be able to use the app.

The Garmin eLog device is a great solution for drivers who need to comply with FMCSA regulations. It offers an automatic logging system that tracks driver duty status and ensures that you are meeting FMCSA regulations. You will also get reports on your driving behaviors, including your engine start time.

The Garmin eLog device also offers continuous coverage. The device can be connected to a fleet’s system, which means you will always know where drivers are going. This can help managers avoid issues before they happen. It also helps trucking companies stay compliant.

The Garmin eLog device is also designed to be easy to use. Drivers and managers can easily access and review their data. They can also receive alerts if they have a violation. It can also be accessed on the go, so drivers can quickly check their remaining driving hours for the day.

The Garmin ELD device is one of the most affordable options on the market, and it offers many of the same features and benefits as expensive ELDs. It comes with a free app that allows you to quickly access and review your records. It also includes a quick-start guide to get you started.


Having a proper ELD can help you maintain compliance with the FMCSA rule. ELDs are not only beneficial in helping you to keep track of your driving hours, but they can also help you to reduce your expenses. The KeepTruckin ELD is a great option for many trucking companies. With this system, you can track your vehicles in real-time, and the IFTA fuel tax reporting feature is included in your service.

In addition to the ELD, KeepTruckin offers other features to help you stay compliant. These include two-way messaging, geofencing, and free 247 support. These features are designed to improve efficiency and make trucking more affordable.

KeepTruckin ELD devices are easy to set up and use. The ELD plugs into a vehicle’s diagnostic port. It is also tamper-resistant. The physical device costs $150, and there are several monthly plans to choose from.

The Starter plan costs $25 a month. The Enterprise plan costs $50 a month. You can also choose the Pro plan for an additional $40 a month. Both plans include IFTA fuel tax reporting, as well as the ability to track assets.

The ELD device has a unique serial number located near the barcode. This number helps you narrow down your search. The device uses GPS satellite time to keep track of your drive time. The Motive ELD can be configured to use a mobile device. This can be done by entering your serial number.

The app works with the ELD to record your driving logs. The app is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. It can also support web services and email. It is easy for both drivers and office staff to use.

The Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) Electronic Logbook app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. It is also compatible with the Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) ELD. The app will record your driving logs and relay them to your mobile device. The app also supports roadside inspections and email. You will need to register for an account for each driver in your fleet.

You can also choose to lease the Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) eld device for one year. You can also lease the ELD for a month for $7.


Whether you are new to the world of fleet management or you are looking for a more modern solution to your fleet tracking needs, Matrack has the device for you. With Matrack, you can easily access all your vehicle data and get real-time alerts. It offers a wide range of devices to suit your fleet needs.

Matrack is a trusted brand in the trucking industry. It offers a variety of devices and subscriptions, as well as a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to monitor all of your vehicles. You can customize the devices and dashboard according to your needs.

Matrack’s ELD solution is affordable and easy to use. It includes fuel tax tracking, audit trail, and time clock functionality. It also has a mobile app. You can access the app from any location and review your logs. If you have any questions or issues, you can contact Matrack’s customer support. Their support team is available 8 am to 5 pm PST. You can also use their website for online manuals and video tutorials.

Matrack ELD is an FMCSA-approved device. It is designed to meet the needs of any trucking company. You can install it quickly and easily. The device comes with a lifetime warranty. You can also get a 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with your device, you can return it and get a full refund. It also comes with an interface that allows you to set up alerts for incidents you want to be notified about.

Matrack has been known for its reliability and affordability. You can purchase an ELD unit for $175. You can also get a device leased for $7. If you are interested in getting more advanced features, you can get a subscription for $60 a month. There are three types of vehicle trackers offered by Matrack.

Matrack’s support team is available by phone and email. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach them at any time. The support team can also help you with repair or replacement.

Matrack also offers a variety of GPS devices. Each of them has different designs and features.