How to Make a Pepper Spray Keychain As Attractive As Possible

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A pepper spray keychain is a great way to protect yourself when you’re out and about. These self-defense sprays attach to a keychain and can be used during an attack or in an emergency. There are a variety of different pepper spray keychain styles available, so there’s something for everyone. Pepper sprays are not only a popular choice for law enforcement, but they also make excellent gifts. Here’s how to make them as attractive as possible.

Among the benefits of pepper spray is its compact size, making it convenient for carrying around in your pocket or purse. You can find a variety of keychain pepper sprays on the market, including pepper sprays that are pressurized higher than the other brands. Pepper spray keychains are easy to carry and can be attached to any object, including keys or cell phones. This makes them an ideal gift for a loved one, coworker, or friend.

Pepper spray is a popular self defense tool for a variety of reasons. It is non-lethal, easy to carry, and even works as a dog repellant. It has a push button sprayer that sprays it with a cloud of suffocating gas that causes the person in contact to feel severe burning. The burns are so intense that the person may lose sight in the affected eye for some time.