Is One Man One Screwdriver As Funny As It Sounds?

The short film 1 Man 1 Screwdriver, uploaded to Efukt, is a parody of the classic ‘One man, one screwdriver’ ad. The video depicts a man stuck in his penile organ with a screwdriver. He squeezes the screwdriver out of his p-n-s and blood squirts all over the place. But, is the joke really as funny as it sounds?

The original film was a parody of the sex prank and was created by a prankster who was interested in a man’s vulnerability. The man was able to pull out an object that looked like a screwdriver and yelled, ‘Holy smokes!’ At the end of the video, the man’s penis was excessively bloodied. The video sparked a conversation about the ‘One Man One Screwdriver’ ad campaign and Pete posed the question ‘How’.