Kid Portable DVD Players

kid portable dvd player

If you are shopping for a kid portable DVD player, you should consider the different features to look for. A portable DVD player is a great way to keep kids occupied, especially if you are traveling. It is an excellent way for them to watch TV shows and movies and relax. The best kid portable DVD players come with features that will allow them to enjoy their favorite shows or movies on the go. You can also purchase a shareable headphone so that your kids can use it in a family situation.

This kid portable DVD player comes with an anti-shock feature that makes it great for car trips or boat rides. It also comes with a battery that can last for 5 hours. The battery recharges via an AC adapter or a car charger. The screen is also a 180-degree swivel so that your child can watch the movie from a variety of angles. It is easy to connect to the TV for a full movie experience.

The UEME DVD player is designed to keep kids entertained during long car trips. Available in a pink princess-and-unicorn and a blue race car design, this player is fun and durable enough to keep your child busy for long periods of time. It has a nine-inch LCD display and an 800 x 480 pixel resolution, and can swivel 180 degrees. Most digital video and audio files can be played on this player, and it features a USB and SD card slot. It also supports files up to 32GB.