LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill Discuss the Best Deadbolt Locks

lockpickinglawyer best deadbolt

Probably the most important selling feature of a deadbolt is its size. LockPickingLawyer and BosnianBill shot at the lock with multiple guns, but both failed to breach it. Nevertheless, the lock has many other good qualities. Among these are its size, resiliency, and strength.

Battalion deadbolt

If you’re worried about lockpicking, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans are unsure whether or not they can pick their own locks. The most common mistake people make is not understanding the basic function of the deadbolt, as well as the differences between standard and reinforced strikes. The two parts of the lock are called the strike plate and the lock itself, and they work together to keep your home secure. A reinforced strike is a great way to improve security and keep thieves out. It’s not hard to install, as you simply screw it in.

Yale mortise deadbolt

A Yale mortise deadbolt is an excellent security option for a variety of applications. These deadbolts provide superior strength and durability and are ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 certified. There are several trim and finish options available. Whether you want a traditional design or a more modern look, you’ll find a mortise deadbolt from Yale to suit your needs.

Yale’s 350 Series Mortise Deadlocks offer high-security and are ideal for primary locks. They come in a variety of functions and are built to handle the wear and tear of day-to-day use. You’ll love the convenience and dependable security this lock provides.

EASILOCK deadbolt

The EASILOCK deadbolt is one of the newest styles of deadbolt locks. It has received high marks from lock critics. Its unique design and “easy locking technology” make it impossible for pickers to bypass the lock. Unlike a conventional deadbolt lock, you can unlock it with a key, rather than a screwdriver.

Its stainless steel construction and lathe finish means it won’t rust or fade. It also fits almost any door, thanks to its adjustable backset. Its thickness ranges from 1-3/8″ (35mm) to 1-3/4″ (45mm).

Yale SS100CS padlock

If you’re looking for a good deadbolt to secure your home, the Yale SS100CS is the perfect deadbolt for your needs. Its size is ideal for most applications and is paired with a hasp for added security.

The lock’s shackle comes out of the body and fits snugly into the shroud. It’s impossible to break the shackle simply by turning it. Instead, the thief would have to cut the shackle twice before he could remove the top piece.

The double locking shackle makes it difficult for thieves to get inside. Moreover, its imposing design and hardened steel body will turn thieves away. A lock with these features is one of the safest ways to protect your property.

Although the Yale SS100CS padlock is the best deadbolt, there are other options available. Lock Picking Lawyer has made a habit of pointing out design flaws in locks, and has gotten past many locks with his mechanical safecracker. While he has never given his real name in his videos, he refers to himself as Harry in a joint video with Bosnian Bill. In addition to his videos, he also receives locks from his fans to test the reliability of the lock, as well as examining the potential for misuse.

Standard padlocks are suitable for most situations. They should not have major flaws and be durable enough to withstand the punishment of common tools like bolt cutters and pliers. However, angle grinders and other dangerous tools may damage the lock. They are perfect for small to medium security applications like garden sheds, gates, and boxes on a ute.