One Man One Screwdriver

one man one screwdriver

The YouTube video One man, one screwdriver shows a guy trying to fit a screwdriver inside his penile organ. In the video, the man squeezes the screwdriver through the p-n-s hole, and blood sprays everywhere! One man, one screwdriver isn’t for the faint of heart, and we definitely don’t recommend watching it in public. It contains shocking content, so proceed with caution.

Patrick held out his hand to the man as he yelled “Holy smokes!” as he pulled the object out. The man was horrified, and the video ended with the penis of the man bleating excessively. At this point, Pete came over and asked how it went. He said that he’d watch the video again if it was a bit gory. He recommended that the man purchase a One Man One Screwdriver sticker to remind him of the experience.