Steel Boned Corset

steel boned corset

A steel boned corset is a traditional waist-training corset. In the past, women have used whalebones to reinforce the corset’s structure. However, steel bones have now gained popularity among women who want a more authentic waist training corset. Steel bones are most common in corsets of this type, but some corset makers now use plastic bones. While this may be appropriate in some circumstances, many women still prefer a steel boned corset for its aesthetic and comfort benefits.

Steel boned corsets are constructed of spiral and flat steel boning, enabling the corset to mould to the wearer’s form. These corsets also feature a 100% cotton lining for comfort and ease of movement. Moreover, they feature strong steel busk closures and modesty panels covering the back.

Depending on the manufacturer, steel bones are available in two basic types: flat and spiral. Flat steel is thin, while spiral steel has two curves that give it more flexibility and support. Steel bones are often used in waist training corsets, which help slim the waist while at the same time providing comfort and flexibility.

While plastic boning tends to break when you tighten your corset, steel bones have the ability to mould and shape your body. They are also excellent for seasoning, as they allow you to tighten them without damaging them.