The Canned Sardines Production Line

canned sardines production line

The canned sardines production line begins with the sardine fish harvesting process. These fish are transported by vessels, sardine trucks, and other methods. Large vacuum pumps transport the fish to the factory plant. There, they are graded based on their size and placed in a brine and ice container. Next, they undergo an inspection control process to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Before the product is packaged, the canned sardines production line processes tin fish to ensure its quality. Canned sardines are the best selling products in the fishing industry, and need to pass several inspections before they are distributed to food stores. Those who are interested in learning more about this process can view a video of the process. However, to understand the process, you must know the exact steps involved.

First, the fish enters the cannery on ice and is pre-frozen for transport. Factory inspectors inspect the sardines as they are unloaded. They inspect the condition and appearance of the sardines, and collect samples to conduct chemical analysis. Then, the frozen fish thaws under controlled conditions. If any fish fails the inspection, it is not allowed to continue in the next steps.

Once the sardines are cooled in the brine, they are placed in the open-top cans. Then, they are sealed and marketed. Finally, the cans go through conventional closing and sealing machines. During this stage, the sardines are exposed to a layer of oil that separates them from the brine. The oil rises to the surface of the brine, making the cans slick and tasty.