Three Reasons to Use Plant Pot Drainage Mesh

plant pot drainage mesh

To keep potting soil moist and weed-free, consider using a plant pot drainage mesh. This versatile accessory has a number of benefits, including improved drainage and water retention. Here are three of the main reasons to use drainage mesh:

It prevents soil from migrating out of the drainage hole. Made of anti-wrinkle polyamide material, the mesh is flexible and durable, preserving its original shape for longer. It also prevents root rot. This product is a great option for pot drainage, so you can reuse it each season. You can also buy a pack of 100 of the same drainage mesh, which is a great value. In addition to providing drainage, this plant pot drainage mesh also prevents soil from evaporating and rotting.

Plants in potting soil with inadequate drainage can develop root rot if water is not removed. A plant pot drainage mesh can help alleviate this problem. The drainage hole is a hole in the pot bottom, where water can collect if not adequately drained. A small gravel at the bottom of the pot will increase its drainage. If the drainage hole is blocked, this is another contributing factor. A good drainage mesh will help keep your plant healthy and happy.

In addition to mesh drainage, plant pots with inadequate holes in the bottom can benefit from a clay plug. These can be baked or air-dried to make them more pliable. If your pot doesn’t have a drainage hole, you can use a cheesecloth or coffee filter instead. Or, you can simply fill the pot with potting soil. Alternatively, you can also add rocks on top of potted soil to provide drainage.