UFO Burger

ufo burger

The UFO burger is a gourmet treat with a double stacked patty. This burger is made with two home-made patties, one of which is covered with cheese. The other patty is then sealed around the cheese. You can add sauteed onions to your burger, if desired. While it might seem a little bit complicated, the UFO burger recipe is actually very easy to prepare.

The patented UFO Burger machine wraps the patty in a ring of bread and a layer of cheese. This unique wrapper keeps the condiments in place, preventing any crumbs from getting onto the burger. Another unique feature of this burger is that it is cheaper and takes less time to deliver. The company even provides refreshing drinks and snacks with your order. If you’re in the mood for a burger, a trip to the UFO Burger chain is worth the effort.

The UFO Burger is a celebration of the first moon landing, a milestone in history. The Oak Door’s new UFO Burger features an authentic American burger taste, fine ingredients, and impressive presentation. It comes with a prime beef patty and a crispy teppan-grilled cheddar cheese skirt. The 100 grams of cheese melt into the patty, resembling the rings of a planet.