What is a Mini Vending Machine?

mini vending machine

A mini vending machine is a small, self-contained beverage dispenser that plugs into a wall outlet. They are ideal for offices, children’s playrooms and bedroom settings. You can even use one for the OFFICIANT of a wedding! This machine measures 25.6 inches in height, 16.3 inches in depth and 9.25 inches wide. It holds 10 cans of soda and candies. It costs around $100 and comes with all of the supplies you need to start making money from mini vending.

A mini vending machine accepts both coins and notes. These machines measure the size of coins and measure the thickness of each coin before accepting payment. If a customer uses a credit or debit card, the machine will whirr to indicate that the payment has been successful. If they use a note, the machine will take pictures of the bill and transmit them to a computer for authentication. This prevents unauthorized payment attempts and protects consumers’ privacy.

One type of mini vending machine is the Coca-Cola Mini Vending Fridge, which is reminiscent of an old-fashioned soda shop. This machine features five rows of shelves for different types of Coke and corresponding buttons on the right side. Users simply press the button next to the drink they want and the machine will dispense the can into a slot at the bottom. You can purchase these machines online for $161, and they will surely be a hit!